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Stamped with Marsala Kisses

My dear Burgundy,

I have discovered a new love and see it for its true colors. Please don’t be upset… It’s not you, it’s me. It was a good run and quite the fun while it lasted, but times are changing and I’ve got to keep my feelings flowing with the seasons. You will always be my first love, timeless and never forgotten.


Lipstick kiss isolated on white background

Marsala’s new lover


Step aside burgundy, we are madly in love with Marsala this year! Whether you are in a committed relationship or embracing the independent life (YOU GO GIRL!), we’ve put together a little survival kit stamped with marsala kisses to get you through Valentine’s day.


Red drink being poured in a martini glass















Vino: Taken? Single? Count on vino for a good time, always! A current fave that doesn’t break the bank: Meiomi Pinot Noir

















(Image Source: Pinterest)

Rouge a levres: Pucker up, babe. Marsala lips are v-day versatile for dressing up or down. Kissable color, all around!

















(Image Source: Pinterest)

For Love & Lemons Boudoir set: Share with a lover or get comfy with some Netflix & chill…ed wine. Either way, feel sexy, look smokin’, and own v-day like a boss!



etim558-we-mesh-well eone558-we-mesh-well


Timeless LacquerONE Gel Polish in We Mesh Well: From marsala lips to tips, you’ll be turning heads and stirring up all sorts of heart tremors. Explore the look now!

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