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What’s in a Name?

We get many questions about the story behind our name and how to correctly pronounce Cácee, so here it is for you curious kittens.

  1. Oddly enough it is pronounced like the word cachet. [kah-shay, not kay-see nor kah-see]
  2. Rhymes with, wait for it, Nick Lachey from boy band 98 Degrees! Woah there, talk about a steamy 90s throwback (and now you will never forget it)!

When our founders first envisioned the brand, they took pride in having the opportunity to produce quality products in Southern California, home to cool laid-back culture and year round sunshine. Nothing beats the weather and Californians are the west coast trendsetters – something desired and admired by many around the world. With that in mind, the founders sought after the name California Chemist Enterprise but it was too lengthy and far-fetched as a beauty forward brand. They thought of abbreviating the words to C-A-C-E (CA short for California) but felt it wasn’t cutting edge nor aesthetic enough either. After several attempts of cringe-worthy names (names we promise by the heavens above we will never let resurface) and an extra letter later, Cácee was born!

You may have noticed the obvious accent mark over the “a” – fancy, right? It’s silly because we aren’t exactly sure where it came from but with the spa and nail industry stereotypically dominated by Asians, the team casually jokes it is the pronunciation of the letter “á” in the Vietnamese alphabet. There holds absolutely no truth to this but we like to poke fun wherever opportunities present themselves. Did we rise in this occasion?

So before you butcher the name again, think boy bands and say it with me: kah-shay!

On that note, i’d like to throw it back to some cheesy late 90s baby-making pop/r&b (just to be sure the pronunciation is forever ingrained in your memory). *WARNING: you may want to prepare yourself for the sandstorm* CHEERS!



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